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We are focused on forming long-term partnerships in four broad categories:

1) Cultivation Businesses and Local Farms

2) Sustainability Initiatives and Research with Universities

4) Product Development Collaborations 

5) Distribution 

Please contact us at to discuss how we can bring our ideas to life together. 


Cultivation Partnerships

  • Licensed Producers and Nurseries with Landrace Genetics

  • Suppliers of Seeds, Clones, and Pollen

  • Plant Science and Research Specialists

  • Regenerative Farming Professionals

  • Consulting offered by Athena to growers and businesses seeking assistance obtaining a cultivation license for an outdoor cultivation facility

  • Contracting Labor to and from Local Farmers


Sustainability Partnerships 

  • Athena's Cannabis Composting Program

  • Soil Science Research with Local Universities

  • Revenue-Share Agreements with Co-Packers and Processing Firms

  • Local Grocers and Farmers Markets for our Cover Crop

  • Apiculture Partners

  • Working with Governments on Environment-Focused Grant Programs


Product Development

  • Contract Grow Partnerships 

  • Branded Products

  • Large Format Product Collaborations

  • Food and Beverage Brand Collaborations  

  • Cannabis Tourism Partnerships

  • Luxury Acessory Collaborations


Distribution Partnerships

  • B2B Flower to Licensed Producers and Processors

  • Athena and Store Branded Products to Provinces with Co-Packers

  • Revenue-Share Agreements with Processing Firms and Cultivators

  • Exports of oil and dried flower with European logistics partner

  • Sales of Genetics including Seeds and Rights to rare cultivars

  • Future Farm Gate Store

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