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Who We Are

Welcome to Athena Cultivation. We specialize in the outdoor cultivation of cannabis with organic farming methods for clean and efficient growth. 

This is our story

Image by Sean McGee

The Owl 

Owls have an ancient, and intimate connection with the Greek Goddess Athena. The symbolic owl is an embodiment of Athena’s intellectual powers; the owl would monitor Athena’s blind side to ensure she could see the whole truth. The owl is a symbol of higher wisdom or ancient knowledge and is the guardian of the acropolis. The owl is also a symbol of femininity and fertility. 


Athena Cultivation strives to embody the characteristics of the owl to ensure the highest quality of wholistic support for the health and wellbeing of all people. 


Athena, patron of Athens, is a well known Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, strategy, law and justice, strength and the arts. She has a gentle and compassionate demeanour that when combined with her strength of mind, character and physical power has shaped an individual willing to do what is needed for her people. The values that Athena embodies is paramount in our work at Athena Cultivation and is reflected in the culture of our team.  We chose this name because it is true to our heritage and remains friendly yet powerful. 

Image by Yusuf Dündar
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