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Outdoor Cultivation

Strong Genetics

Athena is sourcing the highest quality clones with a track record of proven success being cultivated outdoors in Ontario's climate from reputable suppliers who have bred highly desirable strains that are particularly resistant to mold, mildew, and pest infestations to maximize the cannabinoid content, terpene profile, and active pharmaceutical ingredients associated with each strain's unique genetic profile.

Image by Dylan de Jonge

Outdoor Cultivation Only

Our female cannabis plants will be cultivated under natural sunlight in undisturbed soil, exposed to variables like wind, rain, and temperature changes that breed resilience and dictate reproductive survival, exactly as mother nature intended.  

Regenerative Farming Practices

We operate as a family farm, cultivating field crops with few buildings and little machinery. To rebuild organic matter, reduce soil erosion, minimize nutrient runoff, and increase our farm's resilience against harmful pests and mold while maximizing the cleanliness and quality of our crops, Athena will cultivate cannabis outdoors using regenerative farming practices and soil food web principles. For example, our farming practices feature on-site composting, cover crop rotations, no soil tillage, and all organic fertilizers.

Image by Mathew Schwartz
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