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GACP-Certified Licensed Producer

Our company is a licensed producer of cannabis holding a Standard Cultivation License under the Cannabis Act located in London, Ontario.  Our cultivation methods are certified under the Good Agriculture and Collection Practices.

Outdoor Cultivation Only

We are cultivating female cannabis plants exclusively outdoors over 2 acres to minimize our carbon footprint, increase access to affordable but high quality cannabis, and use cannabis as our platform for rebuilding nature.

Regenerative Agriculture

We are keeping our cannabis as clean as possible by using regenerative farming practices such as limited tillage, biological IPM measures, maintaining mulch and cover crops, composting cannabis waste, and using zero chemical pesticides and herbicides

Mission Statement


To increase our collective quality of life and restore nature by using cannabis as a catalyst for change


The ultimate survival of humanity depends upon our stewardship of nature's land, which dictates our air quality, the nutrient content of our food, cleanliness of our water, and ability of our land to withstand natural disasters.  Therefore, it is our collective duty to ensure human existence gives more than it takes to planet earth if we want to survive.  We are temporary guests of mother earth, who requires reciprocity to give each other life and a foundation for our shelters.  Like any house, we must build and maintain the health of our earth to create an environment that allows us to thrive together, not just survive.  To create this reciprocal relationship, Athena Cultivation uses regenerative agricultural practices by focusing on biology over chemistry to improve the health of all land that our company will interact with.  By using natural sunlight, all organic and natural fertilizers, composting, cover crops, and avoiding tillage to build the organic matter our land, we will maximize the quality of our cannabis crops.

Athena Cultivation has a responsibility to raise attention to agricultural and business practices that are fair, transparent, and maximize the health of our society to ensure all operations reflect our duty of care for nature and other humans.  Athena will raise awareness of soil food web science, the financial and health benefits of regenerative agriculture, and directly support research related to the effects of cannabis.  Athena Cultivation is dedicated to building the objective body of knowledge that will that will shape major decisions regarding access to cannabis to support efficient lawmaking and industry-wide development.



We are collaborating with a variety of companies and individuals to enhance our environmental impact and operational processes through unique partnerships and programs involving our local community such as:

  • Athena's Cannabis Composting Program

  • Community Service Initiatives

  • Research Initiatives with Local Universities

  • Collaborations with Local Farmers

Please contact us for more information on forming a partnership!

Corporate Goals

“Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey. They don’t

need to, it’s not for them.”

– Joubert Botha

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